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Etnyre 2014 Quin’s Vineyard Syrah

The 2014 Etnyre Syrah is from a vintage that is uniformly described as exceptional. Loaded with ripe black and red fruits, and a nose of white pepper and hanged meat, and a haunting floral quality, the wine has layers of complexity with a broad display of bright red ripe fruit on the palate, and a long finish with notes of powdered cacao, mocha and spice. This wine is drinking superbly now. The 2014 Etnyre Syrah was in the barrel for 18 months, and has the acid, structure, and the fine tannins to suggest that this wine will continue to improve over another 8-10 years. Cool grown Syrah typically requires 2-3 years past the vintage date to evolve and this wine continues to improve and impress since bottling. This wine pairs well with grilled lamb chops, beef short ribs Provencale, and big ole juicy hamburger.  

Our inaugural release of Etnyre 2005 Syrah continues to display ripe fruit and exquisite structure, and continues to evolve wonderfully.

$36 per bottle.

Etnyre 2015 Quin’s Vineyard Pinot Noir

The 2015 Etnyre Pinot is a classic, with laser-like purity of fruit. Cherry and strawberry, as well as spice notes are present on the nose. On the palate, the wine continues the ripe red fruit and spice notes with a long and harmonious finish. The 2015 Etnyre Pinot Noir is typical of the wines coming from this vineyard, with a strong and balanced backbone of acidity, and fine tannins. This wine will also reward those who are able to wait 3-5 years.  It pairs well with grilled salmon topped with a soy and citrus glaze, roast garlic chicken, and grilled miso pork tenderloin.  

The 2005 Etnyre Pinot Noir continues on as the beautiful wine it began as, exhibiting a seamless wine from the nose to the finish, with bramble berries, cherries, strong Asian spice notes, and black tea.

$36 per bottle