Etnyre Wines – our story

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Etnyre Wines produces food friendly Estate Pinot Noir and Syrah of exceptional quality.

Enjoying wines with friends and family are some of my best memories growing up in the Chicago suburbs.  These wines were often accompanied by very tasty foods.  When my wife and I moved to the Central Coast of California in 1992, we found ourselves living in an extremely high quality viticultural area of California.  Twelve days after arriving on the Central Coast, my wife and I were fermenting grapes in a 32 gallon food grade trash can in the basement.  We were hooked.  After 13 years of home winemaking and UC Davis Viticulture and Enology classes, we released our first vintage in 2005.  

Winemaking is the perfect blend of art and science.  The innumerable decision points along the way to producing each vintage provide us with the opportunity to express our fruit the best possible.  We enjoy the challenge of farming, having planted 2 acres of vineyard to Pinot Noir and Syrah.  Mentors from the local winemaking community and wine industry have provided invaluable guidance of our vineyard and wines.
Quin’s Vineyard consistently produces wines with exceptional structure, laser-like purity of fruit, and a remarkably long finish. Though the quantity is limited, we are still excited to open our inaugural vintage, the 2005 wines.  These wines beautifully demonstrate the complexities of secondary and tertiary aged wines, while also including unexpected vibrant and robust fruit. We believe this persistent and age-worthy bramble and forest floor mid palate found in the 2005 wines is due to the remarkable quality of fruit from Quin’s Vineyard.  Please visit our Reviews and Awards page for the details and additional glowing comments.


Quin’s Vineyard Syrah