Etnyre Wines

Etnyre Wines

Tasty Wines from Arroyo Grande

Etnyre Wines – our story

Etnyre Wines is committed to high quality, food-friendly wines.

Enjoying wines with friends and family are some of my best memories. Often this was accompanied by very tasty foods. When I moved to the Central Coast of California in 1992, I found myself in an extremely high quality growing area of California. Twelve days after arriving on the Central Coast of California Coast, I was fermenting grapes in the basement with the help of my wife (and her toes). I was hooked.

Winemaking is such a dynamic, straight forward, and yet complicated process. I enjoy this challenge, and I am ever fascinated by the complexities of winemaking. My mentors from the local winemaking community and wine industry have provided invaluable guidance with various aspects of our vineyard and wines.